What’s the MUSO?


carte postale ancienne_2Our vision
An influential and respected partner in the chronicling of a unique industrial heritage wrought by its geomorphologic position.

The MUSO, firmly anchored in its local history, surprises with its innovative initiatives to document as well as disseminate the voice of the past via the living and breathing memories of those here in today’s society.


Velo centre-ville, Collection Peter RozonOur mission
A museum of history, art, and culture, the Musée de société des Deux-Rives has a mandate to create, through its activities, a sense of local, regional, and national pride and ownership, especially regarding our industrial heritage. We aim to organise presentations, promote, educate, and popularise subject matter with cultural, historic, and artistic content. We undertake the conservation and management of collections pertaining to local history, and we play an active role in the social development of our milieu, especially in museum-oriented projects of a social nature.